Andy Mudrak, Interactive Designer

Game Projects

I’ve got a few game design projects currently in the works:

White Dot

white-dot-mockup-1Did you ever just stare at a screen for a long time?  A blank screen?  Hopefully this game will drive you crazy by having you stare at a white dot as long as possible.

A fun with this little 1- or 2-player tablet game.  The front facing camera allows the white dot to watch you watch it.  The back facing camera allows your partner to help distract you even more by translating their facial expressions into various annoying distractions on your end.

Time Travel (currently untitled)

From a futuristic dystopian society, “travel” back through time and unravel a mystery and restore history disrupted by a clever miscreant.

A joint collaboration with Interactive Outdoor Theatre (iot).

A physical space, installation-like game, play together with a group of people to unlock puzzles left behind by those smart enough through history to see deceptions left behind.  As a player, you’ll interact in seemingly magical ways with each time period, together with your partners, locating secret visions, acting out gestures, shadows, and who knows what else!

The Zombie Metaphor (working title)


(Zombie hand image © 22860 (Flickr), modified with color)

Zombies?  Yeah, we know what to do with those guys….. or do we?

This game will force you to think outside the box, and specifically challenges black and white thinking.  Centered around a narrative, currently slated for PC or tablet.  That’s all I’m going to say for now, because everything very much still in the works!