Andy Mudrak, Interactive Designer

About Andy


Interactive Designer

I am an interactive designer, a person who designs and engineers both the visible and invisible elements of all forms of interactive media (the web, games, etc.).

I like the word “doer” to replace the menial term “user”–people who “use” products are typically trying to get things done, and that’s a great thing to focus on.  My work evokes a sense of embrace, ease, confidence, and appreciation, by paying attention to details like smooth operation, adding personality that makes you smile, and robust construction from the inside out.

What My Games Are Like

My games have a flair of humor and quirkiness.  They’re also meant to surprise you, and occasionally evoke reflectiveness.  I want people who play my games to experience stronger social connection and varying emotion.

I love to experiment and innovate.  I have a passion for making something new that hasn’t been seen or done in a certain way before.  I look to do this with technology, altering player perceptions, and anything else that might randomly inspire me.


Where It All Began

At age 7, I fooled around with programming on a Commodore VIC-20 and 64, and it expanded quite a bit from there.  Back then, my friend and I dreamed of our own software company and our own OS, with an imaginativeness I’d like to think I still have today.  Game design also started during childhood when I came across ZZT–an awesome shareware tool that let you make games for DOS using ASCII art (thanks Tim Sweeney!).


I kept going with programming, professionally, being inspired by many people with visual design skills and taste, and a desire for polish from the inside out.  I’ve refined this over the years working at Rutgers University as a system administrator and application developer.  The project I’m most proud is an app that integrates data and workflow from many sources in a seamless and unifying way–it lets amazing folks do and share with so much less effort.


I’ve taught Advanced Web Design at Rutgers University.  I learned over time that design is not veneer, but a holistic approach.  I teach and mentor on this.  On top of that, helping others learn programming skills is such a thrill for me, and a lot of fun.

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